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RV Patio Awning Rooms

RV patio awning rooms are versatile rooms perfect for increasing the usable size of your RV and it allows you and your family to enjoy the great outdoors experience without exposing them from the harsh condition of the weather like sun’ heat and rain. These patio awning room work by attaching to your RV’s existing awning and creating an enclosed area by using screen enclosure fabric on your awning sides. The awning room is commonly made of screen0like material and can be used to house a variety of activities like cooking outside so the heat won’t irritate those people inside the RV, also you can read and do more activities inside this room.

The RV patio awning rooms is considerably used any period there is whether summer or rainy season. The shade that was created by the awning will certainly shield you and your family from the sun rays’ heat and from the rain. You can create your patio awning a room by just attaching up a screen enclosure at the sides with the exact measurement of the attached fabric screen to your existing awning. It is to secure your space closed and let no bugs and any insects to come in. It also makes an isolation area for you and your family that no different elements that could go in. Aside from that, because of the screen, the screen keeps the dust and some particles away and lets the wind come in and out of the patio awning room area. The fresh air is coming in and out of the awning room freely and once you stay there, you will feel relaxed with no disturbing elements that touch you from your rest. It will always be the best way of relaxing yourself to stay with nature and feel the freshness of the woods and hear the relaxing songs of the birds.

This RV patio awning rooms was being tested all through its presence, RV owners or any motorhome owner used to be satisfied with what their awning could give them. They seemed to have a pleasant time outdoor and they can stay great under the shadow of the awning. It let them testify the excellence of the outdoor works of arts and see the greatness of God’s creation. With RV, it gives the people a beautiful space to stay at in a long time, whether it rains, or sun heats up. The awning gives protection from hard weather and a harsh environment. The patio awning can block harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer, bugs, and flies cannot come near you, and even wind dusts because the fabric serves as a filter of the dust from the wind. RV patio awning lets people enjoy the fresh air and the view of the location. Also, RV awning is a durable and strong room that will a sure comfortable area for the family. It will always be exciting to stay outdoor under the sun and feel the freshness of nature with your family inside your RV patio awning room.

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How to Choose for RV Vent Covers As An Essential Equipment?

RV vent covers lie just below the radar. They can be found in different types. Some are attached directly to the existing system while some are found in a distinct component. But when you choose for RV vent covers, you need to think about the things that are as follows.

Deliver Impressive Results

Once when you decide to purchase for RV vent covers, they should be as simple as they get. They must deliver the best and most impressive results. They should be utilized throughout the extreme and harsh weather conditions of the summer and winter season. This is if an open event makes you feel less comfortable. It is indeed the best solution to consider when wanting to prevent heat loss.

Come With An Aerodynamic and Sleek Profile

The RV vent covers to buy should have an aerodynamic and sleek profile. This will best protect the rig’s interior against the onset of the rain. This is also while not putting a drag on your drive. It is good if the covers feature a high-density form of polyethylene. This will essentially hold up well to certain elements and sunlight.

Excellent Value

What you should prioritize for RV vent covers is excellent value. This must be highly-emphasized in the cover for it to become more effective. It can then keep out bugs, debris, and precipitation. The choices are also available including the sizes.

Easy to Clean

The RV vent covers should easily be cleaned. They need to feature as well removable louvers for ease of cleaning. That also includes the built-in screen type. This way, you will manage things out with regarding cleaning the covers.

Aerodynamic Design

One more consideration for RV vent covers is the aerodynamic design. This styling must provide for proper flow ventilation and a design allowing you to maintain it just open. This is true when it is raining or when you are traveling.

Match of the Hinge Type

Look for RV vent covers considering the hinge type. This one is essential as a factor to consider. You could not just easily tell it by the model, make, and year of the RV if the RV roof vent is installed at the factory or at the time of replacement.

Fast and Free Shipping

It is also good to prioritize fast and free shipping as offered by many companies. From these companies, you could buy the perfect replacement of RV vent covers. Choose from the selections of RV vent covers today. Prepare for any of them for installation. The retaining or mounting clips are also often replaced. The RV roof vent usually has a screw on both sides of the hinge securing it in place. Replace the screws into the vent lid type of hinge assembly.

With the RV vent covers newly-installed, you could only just carry out a little maintenance throughout the vent. Just use for a rag and an RV cleaner to remove the dirt from the roof vent seam!

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Guide to Buying Truck Camper Covers in Canada

A truck camper is exposed to so many different elements that cause it to fall into chaos. That is why it must be stored sooner or later on. The most effective and simplest way of keeping the truck camper safe is by the use of any of the truck camper covers Canada.

Just remember that a truck camper that is stored on the street or side yard will be exposed more to ultraviolet degradation. This process will begin to fade its color and paint. Moreover, the exposed fiberglass will also oxidize over time. This makes the surface of the truck camper duller. If not because of the paint that serves as a protective layer, any other element and sunlight will bring more damage to the truck camper. They essentially will cause issues for the important plastic and metal pieces making up the truck camper.

One more thing is that you as an owner will spend more on the needed repairs. Such a degraded appearance affects the resale value of the truck camper. Potential buyers will also think about the exterior appearance of the truck camper among others.

The bird droppings, tree sap, sunlight, and dust build-up will only bring in deterioration of the truck camper’s surfaces when left unattended. Without the truck camper covers in Canada, you will more likely to spend more time washing the vehicle so that it will look at its best.

The truck camper covers in Canada are still a worthwhile and lengthy investment. That is why you must never rush into purchasing the truck camper covers in Canada without considering these things below.


One of the first few things to keep in mind is the size of the cover you will need. If you will buy in a store or will shop online, truck camper covers in Canada will state the size of the truck camper that they fit on. You will see the size right through the product description or the packaging. You must measure the truck camper before buying instead of depending upon the registration manuals.


The majority of the truck camper covers are made up of a polypropylene fabric material or the polyester material. Others feature triple or double layers that bring about durability. It is now up to you to decide if the additional cost to pay to equate much of the other protective layer. The additional layer will best safeguard the cover against ripping in such an inclement weather. Costly truck camper covers in Canada will also offer an increase in strength and durability.

Extra Features

There may already have been features to find in the truck camper covers in Canada. However, you need to still look for extra features of tie-down strap wrapped exactly around the underneath side of the truck camper securing the cover. They would often have vents that keep the covers from billowing in the wind. Moreover, they feature the zippered sections allowing access to compartments and doors. This is also even without the removal of the cover. This is somehow convenient when it comes to loading a vehicle and without the stress of removing the cover.

Extra Protection

When you read up on the specifications for the truck camper covers in Canada, you need to see if it does include water repellents or UV repellents. The former is essentially needed allowing the water to further evaporate. It does not seep through the cover and does not cause mildew or mold to form.

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RV Shade Awning Mesh Room

There are lots of shades of the fabric in the industry that you can choose from, it just all varies depending on the purpose, specifications, and quality. But since we are talking about the RV awning room, the usual type of fabric that is being used is the mesh shade. This mesh shade structure is increasingly common these days, it is popping up everywhere from any of the public places such as playgrounds, stadiums, amphitheaters, sports courts, and more. The rv shade awning mesh room is known as a shade cloth that mostly uses for agricultural and greenhouse purposes that act as a cover or protection, and likewise to the RV awning room too. This kind of shade plays a vital role in every RV awning room for so many reasons.

Here are the perks of having the rv shade awning mesh room. The first is about the reduction of harmful UV ray’s exposure.  It is the number one reason to add shade structure as mesh shade, to reduce the exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Even during cooler weather or cloudy days, the sun easily causes damage without any barrier because prolonged exposure can drastically increase the risk of skin cancer. The next is it serves as the protection element. This mesh RV shade awning room is not only protection from the sun but can also add a needed barrier from wind, dust, ad rain. The other perks are it keeps the area cooler. An RV mesh shade awning room is cooler than the usual temperature under the heat of the sun because of its shade. Also, it allows the air to pass through, keeping the area underneath cooler. Next is it gives an extended outdoor time. Because of its cooler, users are more expected to experience the outdoors stay for a longer period. Kids will want to play longer under the shade, or families may extend their picnic if they are keeping cool under the shade. An outdoor area encourages friends and families to gather, and they will stick around longer once they feel that they are comfortable. The next thing is it provides an equipment protection. RV shade awning mesh room protects not only the man but also the everything it has underneath the shade room. For example, your chair, bed, tables and even preventing carpet from fading. And lastly, it increases the comfort level. Mesh shade structure are often installed for the sole comfort of the people. For instance, unfortunately that your camping site is not what you are expecting on the woods and under the trees but in a plain desert-like land. How will you feel comfortable with that kind of area, without any shade, hot and super dry place? So, there is the RV mesh shade awning room to save you from the mess. It will give you the comfort like under the tree shade with the cooler air without blocking your view and any activities outdoor. There are lots of things that we can’t see inside of our RV, you will feel so blessed if you step out and stay for a longer to witness the greatness of every cloud formation, bird’s fly, feel the natural blow of the wind and more. These simple things will help you see and feel everything outside by the help of RV mesh shade awning room.

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Dress Up Your Vehicle with These RV Receiver Hitch Covers Canada

Use RV receiver hitch covers Canada on your RV. Never drive around with a gaping hole under the bumper. Protect the receiver hitch with one from our RV receiver hitch covers Canada.

Just as the receiver hitch is subject to debris and rust buildup, this could as well prevent insertion of the ball mount. That is when you are ready to tow. That does not necessarily mean that you need to expose the trailer ball and the ball mount to weathering. If you will not be towing, take the time to cover the opening. Express your sense of individuality. Increase the visibility of your vehicle at the same time with an RV receiver hitch cover.

Fill the Void with RV Receiver Hitch Covers Canada

Ball mounts and hitch mount balls can easily be stolen and removed. That is why it is suggested to fill the void with RV receiver hitch covers Canada featuring great logos and looks.

Know the Size of the Receiver Tube

The most qualifying point to remember when buying an RV receiver hitch cover is to know the size of the receiver tube on the vehicle. The majority of passenger car trailer hitches have a 2” opening or a 1 ¼” opening. If you have no idea what’s yours, you could measure. Place a tape measure or a ruler along any of the sides of the square. Bear in mind not to measure diagonally. The measurement result will be one of the numbers.

The next decision will be about the cover of your choice. It can either be one that is held in place with the hitch pin or an “interference fit”. It will depend much on you to find a great variety of designs with the covers that need the hitch pins.

With Automotive Logos

The most popular category of RV receiver hitch covers Canada is the automotive logos. You could just certainly be proud of the vehicular taste. You would want the world to know more of it. The automotive logo style covers are available from different manufacturers joining our site.

With Customized Logos

There are many more choices as there are many customers as well. If you are in search of something unique for your receiver hitch cover, you could consider everything from crosses, Autobots, flags, skulls, and many more. Think of the hitch cover that can add a crowning touch to the RV hitch set-up. Style, protection, and personalization can be yours at a price that is most reasonable to you.

Visit Our Site

Consider our site the supplier of your choice. This is also because there already are thousands of Canadian RV owners, travel trailer and motor home owners who make us their destination of choice. Allow us to get your products to your campsite or home in the country in the short-time period. You could expect from us the best service possible.

So, what else are you waiting for? Feel free to dress up your vehicle with these RV receiver hitch covers Canada we have in store for you!

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Reasons for Buying the Adco Truck Camper Covers

You may have owned a truck camper for three or four years now. It is just that it is not having the needed cover that will protect it against harmful elements. Certain things as bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, tree sap, and dirt can harm its finishing. That also is the same when it comes to the rig’s aesthetics. It also includes the decals and the paint that are affected by these elements.

The good thing is that the Adco truck camper covers seem beneficial in the sense that they bring long-term protection. They are also made to be more affordable as an option as compared to a permanent structure. Just search for the different options. Decide to choose for a cover under the Adco, a trusted company in the industry.

Ready-Made and Universal

ADCO is a company dedicated in making covers for different types of truck campers. That is when you could buy from them a universal and ready-made cover for your truck camper. Protect your truck all you want especially as the covers come with a 5-year warranty. They also are known to last longer. What is more is that they can last for seven to about ten years in the colder climates. In the sunny climates, they can as well last for seven years. Plan to keep your rig for 7 years or more through the help of these covers.

Easy Ordering

Ordering Adco truck camper covers is just so relatively easy. You only need to call the company right from their website. Contact them at their official telephone number. They will then send you a form to be filled out following the measurements of the rig. In measuring the rig, follow some precautionary measures that will include the rear and front bumpers of the rig, the jacks, and the tie-downs, too.

Moreover, think about the things as the vent covers, and top air conditioners of the roof for additional height. It will take Adco four weeks before finally making a customized truck camper cover. The covers customized are often transported in a huge size of box. They are also wrapped in such a protective material of plastic. The ordered cover will come with a large bag that carries and stores it when not used.

Come in Different Colors

The Adco truck camper covers can come in different colors as tan, gray, and white. It will as well rely much on the fabric type. There are also two choices of fabric to choose for the covers. You may opt for one that is made from high-quality and durable fabric manufactured from a woven acrylic. It is also resistant to cracking due to colds and resistant to fade as well. It is an ideal choice to consider if you want your truck camper to last for years.

Ease of Installation

Install the Adco truck camper covers as it is just so relatively easy. You will, of course, need your hands to do it. You will also need to reach the roof so that you could install it. Prepare the cover before you install it. Fold both sides of the cover. Center the cover and set it in place. Unfold the two sides of the cover and drape over the sides.

Even if there may seem some issues to encounter in installing the Adco truck camper covers, they are still a viable option to ever consider!

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RV Awning Frame Parts

Having a good time outside your home is fun but having a getaway with the whole family is delightful. Making it through is by the help of RV, it offers you an incredible adventure no matter what season has come. If you are greedy of doing camping or going out to the beach with the whole gang, the best partner for the entire travel is the RV. It is a recreational vehicle where you can find a few extra add-ons that will make your experience much more enjoyable. One thing that you can attach and surely you will not regret if you did is an RV awning. It is a sun or rain shade that connected to the side of your RV.

The RV awning frame parts is one of the best additions to any RV.  It gives you a cooling effect on every hot summer days for it gives shade that makes you a patio on the side of your RV. It gives protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays also keeping temperature cooler. Since it will serve as the patio, there will be an additional outdoor room that will bug-free and once it rains, you will be protected from the rain while staying and sitting outdoor. RV awning will be in its best if you know every part because you will save a lot upon replacement since you are well familiar with the composition of the awning frame parts. RV frame part is created with specific parts with tasks.

RV frame parts differ by the kind of awning, for Patio awning is it has an awning arm that will serve strong inclination that will hold the fabric tilted to the RV and also attach the other end on the side of the RV. And, the arm bears the weight of the roof. The next part is an insert awning rail. There is also awning stabilizer that secures the RV awning frame parts economically, it is spiral stakes work well in all kinds of soil that stores compactly. The other part is the RV awning rails and roller tube that would grip and hold the fabric in better condition upon using and after using it. There are also brackets of the frame where being used to attach the poles like the arm to the side of the RV. Also, adjuster knobs are present for any adjusting purposes, but it is the thing that generally easily breaks. Another part of the frame is the torsion bar which holds twisting and has a strong tendency to retreat to its original position. Screws will not be absent in this kind of thing so be familiar with the sizes and each of the parts has corresponding sizes depends on the unit or style of the awning.

Learning and knowledge from those stated parts will be your advantage for it will help you saves up money and will help you know how to maintain each part properly. Of course, identifying each is also knowing their capacity and you will know how to take care of the awning as a whole and as by part. Letting you enjoy the outside without any hindrances like the sun’s heat and rain is the main purpose of your rv awning frame parts.

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RVs Awning Replacement Parts

RV is the best partner for the summer getaway and camping. For it will take your ride with full comfort and it will also serve as your home in the entire days of your travel. Every RV is equipped with awnings which can help transform your outdoor seating area from a hotpot place into a comfortable place to stay at. In times of summer, sitting under the killer sun with its heat and rays touches your skin, it is annoying, so thank goodness to the rv awning replacement parts. RV awning gives the best shade under the sun and rain for your outdoor activity.

RV awning is commonly needed low maintenance, occasionally, you will need to perform a routine cleaning or make a replacement that will keep it in the tip-top shape. You can even combine fun and practical RV awning accessories to help light up your camping site and make your accommodation space outdoor much more inviting and pleasant. But if your RV awning is old, torn and faded, replacing the fabric is a great do it yourself job that can save you a lot of money. You must know that replacing awning parts is not as difficult as you might think. Upon doing it, we need tools that will help our hands to unlock some parts and admit that our bare hands sometimes cannot make what the tools can do so we really need the help of tools. And since we are going to work on a higher slope as the height of the RV, we need a ladder aside from the handy tools.

Starts the rv awning replacement parts with removing the main bolt that holds the top of the awning on the side of the RV, it might seem that it will allow the awning to fall off but you don’t have to worry while doing it because the combination of the spring tension and other parts of the awning keeps it secure. Next is to unattached both lower ends from the bracket on the side of the RV and pull the arms until it touches the ground. And then turn all things to the detachments of the screw and do the replacements of the parts. The parts that you could easily see the damage and have to replace right away from the awning is the majority part which is the fabric, it must be high quality, heavy-weight and tight vinyl that will be the replacement from your old torn fabric. Also, one thing that was easily broken is the knob adjuster which become common problem parts on an awning, they are small and easily broken. And many more replacement parts because the awning has lots of parts to change especially if it was torn by a catastrophe. We just must be careful if we are changing some parts because it might be the reason for ruining all parts if we do not follow the procedures on how to operate rv awning replacement parts.

Doing the works also corresponds to the responsible act of the worker, for the better result of the job and to add no more mistake. As we are going to do the replacements, we must be aware of the sizes and the unit of the awning for each has their differences. After the replacement, you can now enjoy the sun under the summer paradise season with your kids, family, and friends.

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Add Some Touch of Individuality with Decorative Hitch Receiver Covers

Prevent contaminants from coming in and plugging up the receiver hitch. Also, add some touch of individuality to the rig of your vehicle. On our site, you could find some of the decorative hitch receiver covers that will suit your trailer or vehicle well. They are available in many different styles and types. You will be sure to find one that exactly works for you.

One more purpose of a decorative hitch receiver cover is that it prevents road grime and rust from collecting in the receiver complication ball mount. It also serves its function of helping you hide the unsightly street scene of your receiver hitch. The adjustable design can fit hitch receivers and can be installed in just a few minutes. The cover is also one way to show off your personality. This will also keep your hitch receiver look sharp all year-round.

Express Enthusiasm for Your Trailer or Vehicle

The decorative hitch receiver cover is a durable accessory designed to last for years. It is just proudly made that can serve as a great gift idea for an RV or trailer lover like you.

Provide a Custom Vehicle Appearance

Just purchase decorative hitch receiver cover that can keep the hitch box protected and clean from all other elements. This also provides custom vehicle appearance especially as you could find one that is made of plastic material. This also differs in length and this is utilized on Class III and Class IV. And the good thing about it is that it does not need to be removed when you tow it.

In addition to that, the spring closes when you are not towing it. It can best fit any size of the hitch box opening. The set screws included also keep the hitch receiver cover in place.

Such intricate styling is achieved by the use of some of decorative hitch receiver covers. Cover the ugly hitch receiver when not used. It is also one way to prevent dirt from piling up.

There are also resilient and lightweight covers that you could consider in mind. Especially one having a black finish, it goes splendidly with any paint color you have on your trailer or RV.

Improve Safety

Since the trailer hitch corners and edges are sharp leading to injury, it is also a good thing to place decorative hitch receiver cover over the opening of the trailer hitch receiver. This will protect people from bumping into the trailer hitch. They won’t also hurt themselves while the debris is kept from clogging the opening.

More moist leaves, marine debris, sand, and mud can clog the opening. This could mean hard work on your part securing the trailer hitch to your vehicle. The use of covers can prevent debris from coming through the opening. The attractiveness and the extra protection are something you would appreciate about them. The covers are tightly secured in the opening. They will never fall out while your truck or trailer is moving.

So, add some touch to the appearance of your vehicle by choosing one from the decorative hitch receiver covers on our site!

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Receiver Hitch Locking Pin Can Serve You For Years to Come

The receiver hitch locking pin is designed to best serve you for years to come. This is made from high-quality material that makes it more of a dependable option. This is also designed with the use of state-of-the-art technology. This product could last for a lifetime. This will also meet your needs and will deliver great quality at a reasonable cost.

What the receiver hitch locking pin features are receiver openings that are made of stainless steel. The usable length and locking mechanism can push the lock body onto pin firmly. The water-tight and seal tight cap can best protect lock from dirt and moisture.

Since it is delivered based on quality and strength, it just is great as it follows new standards for lock application, design, and performance. It is built with the passion of the founder for quality, innovation, and compelling value. This can meet or exceed even the most demanding requirements you have as a customer.

The Toughest Lock Around the World

The receiver hitch locking pin is considered as the toughest lock around the world. This is engineered using chrome-plated and machine-hardened steel. This also features a bent-in and standard style. The rubber cap it features can shield keyhole from grime, dirt, and water. This could also best stand up to any conditions again. This can give performance that you will appreciate for every use. Moreover, this is rugged enough to be used for any conditions.

At times, the receiver hitch locking pin to buy no longer requires mounting or drilling. It could just slide in the pin and also lock it. And it is good to go to be used. The grime and the water can be kept out of it because of the weatherproof cap.

No need to worry even if you get drowned in heavy rain, or trapped in snow or mud. The receiver hitch locking pin can resist any of these weather conditions. What more is that it can provide safety for your trailer hitch receiver? As mentioned, it is made from a steel material that can render long-lasting durability.

With one that is the standard, it can work well in any of the standard trucks. You will like it more as it could just be so easy for you to open the keys. This could also further prevent issues in the future.

Working perfectly, you will feel better with the positive engagement of the locking pin. It can also be easy for you to install and leave the hitch on your truck. It is made of good quality material that will promise you it won’t ever rust.

Many already used it and highly recommended it to be used by others. There is only a need for it to be sprayed on with a weather-resistant spray. That way, you won’t ever encounter any issues that concern rusting.

Choose what is exceptionally well-made for you to prevent intentional theft or breakage. It truly is a well-designed anti-theft device that can stand the test of time.

So, hurry and buy the receiver hitch locking pin from our site!