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Buy The Best RV Awning Patio Mats!

Minimize dirt that makes its way into the RV. Buy the best RV awning patio mats that can be an answer to this issue of dirt. For one, they also bring a lot of benefits that are as follow:

  • Fireproof
  • Does not absorb water
  • Easy to be swept with the broom
  • Allow dirt and dust to pass through the rug or mat
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Not expensive

The good thing about the RV awning patio mats is that they are made up of an open-weave kind of material. That’s when they are perfect to use. Some are also made up of a woven type of polyester material and polypropylene material.


This is a material used for creating RV awning patio mats. This is resistant to abrasion and this is a lot stronger to use. This is also proven to be more ultraviolet-resistant. What’s more, it has a higher melting point. But, this absorbs water. This appears like there is a coating in it that it does not absorb much water. This is offered in different colors and length options.

Clean this easily and keep it. Most water and dirt drain through its open weaves. It is also comfortable when you are on bare feet. It can help control crawling ants and bugs. It is easily folded and rolled up into a package.


The thing about the polypropylene material used for RV awning patio mats is that it is durable and soft. It is woven and expected to last for a long time. Its surface is also UV-coated which prevents damage and fading from sun exposure. The color won’t fade after one to even two seasons. It just happens only when you choose for a cheap product.

This does not threaten glass being covered due to the material being able to breathe. This allows the grass to breathe, too. This is when the RV awning patio mats can become a very welcome and lovely feature.

Moreover, these are a reversible mat that can resist moisture. These can help prevent mildew and mold. But, issues may arise when the mat is stored for quite a time.

But because the RV awning patio mats do not cover clean surfaces but shield us only from dust, dirt, and mud, it is necessary that they are cleaned easily. The dirt could be swept easily using a broom. It could be sprayed on to be clean using water.

Storage and transport are the key benefits offered by RV awning patio mats. They are light enough to be carried without exerting much effort. Even the carrying bag included helps more here. If you do not need the mats, you could fold them up easily. It will not take up a lot of space in the garage or to any area where you will store it.

Be among those hundreds to thousands of campers who are happy with using RV awning patio mats. You will realize that these mats are a proven and well-known product!

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Make An RV Shower Pan Replacement A Priority

You surely would love to spend time outdoors. But when it comes to your RV, you need to think of some essential RV shower parts being an essential component. They can enhance your entire camping experience. For instance, a hot shower will let you enjoy days of fishing, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Although you have other things to like about an RV that include kitchen appliances, running water, cozy and warm bed, still you feel different when you have shower that is working.

It feels lucky to have a shower on your RV. As you walk around the woods or the forests, it is good to have lugged all your towel, shower products, and clothes. And the shower should be up and running as possible.

RV Shower Pan as the Most Common

The shower pan is considered as the most common replacements along with the shower head. This can easily be replaced by even a mechanically-averse. If this malfunctions as included in the RV shower, it is right to have it fixed right away.

RV Shower Pan Needs to Be Replaced

RV shower pan is an essentially a floor of the shower. It is prone to developing holes and cracks that cause the shower to leak. As you see for a leak, get it repaired immediately. This will help avoid damage in the water to the RV.

Now if there is fibreglass made of shower pan, its good thing that cracks can easily be fixed. An epoxy resin type of repair kit is needed. This can be purchased in a hardware store. The kit is readable due to its simple instructions. The solution only needs to be mixed and be applied to the crack. It should be filled in its entirety before it is sanded down completely. When it is broken or is cracked completely, the entire pan now needs to be removed completely. It must be repaired right underneath so that it will be completely filled.

If the shower pan is made up of plastic material, it will have to be welded in this case. This might seem a difficult thing to do. This must not be handled the DIY approach. Seek repair from the experts for the repair or replacement to be done professionally.

Replace the shower pan if needed for convenience and versatility. It is made to complement with tiled walls and fibreglass shower surrounds. It fits well on the floor right through the shower. It functions the same as a tub that keeps the water off the floor. This pan is fairly shallow that is to be removed through the basic tools. This is when conditions will have to be met.

What is more about shower pan is that it can be removed. It can be installed in the shower base as it rises up to about 4-inches through the wall. It is also installed in the fibreglass wall showers and tile showers. The bottom part of the fibreglass wall will overlap the lip or the top edge of the shower pan. Remove it by taking off the surround walls that gives access through the shower pan. This will also fit right below the shower surround walls.

Keep this information in mind as part of the RV shower pan replacement as it is indeed a priority!

RV parts

Things to Look Out For When Having a Regular Toilet in RV

You may have achieved your dream already. Now you have your RV and you want it to feel more home-like and more comfortable. So far, there are top picks of a regular toilet to add on your RV. No need to look any further for a pit-stop in every corner.

Nevertheless, it is essential that the regular toilet in the RV is fitted to be used in the vehicle. It should be made more immune to those road bumps. The good thing is that there is a regular toilet in RV to find that can be easy to clean and use. Some are indeed a good choice for an RV toilet.

There are top picks on the list that are highly-suggested for you as an RV owner. Better to test them out but ask some of your friends if they have tried them already. It is not a question that they have passed all the tests already. And they have won significant prizes, too.

Easy to Take Care of and Install

The regular toilet in RV to choose from is easy for you to take care of and install. The good thing is that there is no need to worry about choosing the right one. You could find a product that is the same as the regular toilet in the RV.

It is just impressive to find a regular toilet in RV that has satisfied many customers already. It is claimed well in its virtue and it rallies up in its final score. Look for a regular toilet in RV that promises convenience and experience luxury, too.

Give Comforts While On the Road

If you will be travelling the world, you no longer need to leave the comforts of your home. You will benefit from a regular toilet in the RV that is such a good way to go. There are toilets to find that fit perfectly on camper vans, trailers, RVs, and many more.

Make your RV living comfortable. A comfortable living quarter, a cooking and kitchen equipment, and a comfortable sleeping arrangement add up to a good toilet. These are the essential keys to enjoying life in an RV.

Convenience is brought about by a washroom. Added to that is the comfort of using a toilet in such a strange place. This is when having a regular toilet in RV is imperative.

Promise Hygiene

When considering a regular toilet in RV, thinking about hygiene is just necessary. Go for something that flushes well, does not leak and spread the bacteria. Since an RV is already a limited and enclosed space, it is true that infections may spread out easily among occupants.

It will always be good to live in an RV having a small space but not that it smells the same as a toilet. Always consider in mind hygiene as it is just deemed necessary.

Now the thing you need to worry about now is how to make your regular toilet in RV more home-like and more comfortable!

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Things to Know About RV Toilets

RV toilets are an essential subject among RV campers. They may seem a potentially smelly and unnecessary amenity, but they are still a significant feature to enjoying life on the road. They are needed for those who want to travel, camp, and live inside the RV.

Do not think like you will not need RV toilets. They bring about additional comfort and convenience. When you have got them, they best eliminate logistical challenges. There is no need to depend on looking for toilets or for using wag bags. They are also ideal to use among older travelers who could not squat in the woods.

Anyone could get the comfort and convenience from having RV toilets installed in their wheels. That homey feeling is also achieved with a home while on the road.

When you choose an RV toilet, you will need to think about the available space, throne height, needed maintenance, and cost. You also will have to consider the physical needs and the location of camping.

If the toilet has its black water tank, think about the availability and cost of the dumping locations. Other campgrounds would often highlight a charge of dump point fee. Since they are not available to find anywhere, you, therefore, need to plan ahead of time.

The best toilet for you will include the four different types below.

Cassette Toilet

This portable toilet can be fixed in a specific place. There is a cassette or black water tank to be removed via an access panel. It can be pre-installed, too due to the access panel. As per the tank, it is small in its size that holds up about 4.5 to about 5 gallons. This means to say that it can be emptied frequently. The advantage it can offer is convenience in tight spaces.

Traditional Toilet

This traditional toilet is the same as the plastic or porcelain one in a conventional home. This is installed right above the holding tank. This is the same as the regular toilet. This just normally requires water for it to function well.

As you flush it by an electric flush or foot pump, the bowl content will continue into the sealed black water tank. This can easily be replaced while the tank empties through the hose that means to say less handling.

Portable Toilet

Avoid plumbing by using a portable toilet. This can be easy for you to install as it does not need to be fixed in one spot. This is by far the cheapest option to find in the rest of the toilet world. This also comes with a detachable form of holding tank. This is emptied in a dump station or a normal toilet. This is also the cheapest option as it is completely portable.

Composting Toilet

This is an earth-friendly option to decrease the camping footprint. This does not use water that makes it handy for boondocking and cold weather. There might as well be a problem with the smell. It is also sealed well enough that avoids wafting odors.

Choose from any of these types of RV toilets mentioned above!

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Hitch Ball Mount

It is necessary to invest in the most secure and safest tools to get the job of towing what you need whenever and wherever. A hitch ball mount is one sure item to have that can help you haul your items properly. This is useful in eliminating the risk of harm to those around you or yourself. Even the risk of damaging valuables is also best eliminated. The good thing is that there is an unmatched selection of hitch ball mounts coming from accessory brands. They are also available in a different range of drops and shaft lengths. You will find the right choice for the model and make of your vehicle including your specific needs.

Guide to Buying The Right One

When towing with a vehicle, there is a need to provide a hitch ball mount. This is also called as a ball mount or a trailer ball mount. It is just that it is not as simple as choosing one that looks nice. There are so many considerations to prioritize when buying it for your towing vehicle. Just remember that hitch ball mounts differ in terms of weight capacity, type, size, features, price, vehicle compatibility, and many more.

Be careful in assessing and researching the different types of hitch ball mounts. If you are not familiar with hitch ball mounts, you will for sure be guided to learn more about them. You will know what they are for and you will buy what you exactly need.

Towing System and Capacity Requirements

Make use of the right mount class for the towing system. The maximum weight capacity of the system will be rated based on the minimum rated item in the system. The diameter of the hitch ball should be the same as the trailer coupler. Even the hole diameter and the shank diameter of the hitch ball be made the same. The shank should as well be long enough to best accommodate 2 threads for visibility. This is when the nut is secured and the hitch ball is connected.

Type of Vehicle

There is already a specification for the hitch ball mount intended for vehicles. It is up to you to check the type of vehicle that works with a ball mount. Check with the manufacturer’s manual or the online website.

Load Size

The size and type of load that you will carry will determine the strength and type of hitch ball mount. This is what you will choose to carry the load securely and safely.

Trailer Height

The trailer’s height makes a big difference between fatality and safety. Measure the hitch and the trailer to avoid any accidents involving an unstable trailer load. This is the only way that the vehicle and the trailer will work together for a safe and secure towing.


Your budget will be the ultimate factor to consider. The cost of the hitch ball mounts ranges between 20 dollars and 100 dollars or even more. The cushioned ball mount is somehow more expensive. This is due to the reason that it uses specific internal components that add to the technology and manufacturing costs.

Importance of a Hitch Ball Mount

Investing in the safest towing solution is necessary. That ultimately includes having a hitch ball mount. This will permit you the versatility of carrying and connecting a wide range of vehicles, trailers, and much more gear for work or for traveling. The hitch ball mount is designed to withstand heavy loads while maintaining the durability and design for long periods.

Another benefit of a hitch ball mount is that it is compatible with various types and sizes of trailer towing systems. You will be able to use a single ball mount for different vehicles. You won’t need to buy a specific one for each. Thus, you won’t worry about causing road accidents due to improper towing while you are using your vehicle.

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Buy The Bolt Coupler Pin Lock!

Always consider it a priority to lock your RV. Give the bolt coupler pin always a try. This actually comes ready for you to learn the key. Just order the right one so that you become a happy customer. And thus, you will recommend it to others and buy it again.

No need to worry as it really is a good product. Find a way to match the locks on your trailer and the trailer hitch to your vehicle key. You won’t also think of losing or forgetting your coupler. This is also because you have a myriad selection of miscellaneous keys.

When you decide to purchase it, you’ll agree that it really fits great. It is indeed a lock for a trailer coupler. For as long as it does fit, it can securely deter someone from stealing your trailer. Trust that it won’t ever lose. But remember that a lock only acts as a deterrent. There is no lock that can promise you 100% security.

You could find a bolt coupler pin lock that fits your trailer fine. It can also be long enough but it fits wide applications. It is also great to have to use one key for both the trailer coupler and truck.

The execution is something that is not flawed when it comes to bolt coupler pin lock. You only need to follow simple instructions so you can set the lock to the key. The mechanism will work smoothly for as long as both the lock and the key are made of quality materials.

Never Risk a Lockout Because of a Lost Key

Security will always be essential to you. However, your time can still be priceless. Never ever risk a lockout because of a lost key. It’s a good thing that key lock technology enhances locks these days that include the bolt coupler pin lock. You value your key the most as you value your vehicle.

Nothing can ever compare to the convenience brought by the automotive technology. The bolt coupler pin lock can best enhance the security and prevent bumping and picking. This also follows the industry’s standards of the highest corrosion resistance. The moisture and dirt can be kept out completely. This is why this makes it a perfect product for demanding outdoor applications.

Easily set the bolt coupler pin lock to work well with your trailer ignition key. Just as it is made of stainless material, it could already equate to durability. The lock slides back and forth along with the pin for a snug fit and ease of use.

The secure fashion of trailer getting attached to your vehicle means additional comfort. What more is left is to give good feedback prior to the item. You can best match the product and the process.

Secure your coupler with the hitch ball using the same key with bolt coupler pin lock. This truly possesses high qualities that would make you consider it as it is worth the money.

What else are you waiting for? Feel free to buy the bolt coupler pin lock from the site today!