Emergency Exits for RV’s

Emergency Exits for RV’s

All recreational vehicles must have RV emergency exits that are large enough for an above-average person to egress easily from the vehicle during emergencies such as a fire or an accident. RV emergency exits must be located on both sides, including the roof of an RV to present as many emergency exit locations as possible on the vehicle. Each RV emergency exit must be inspected to be certain that it is free from any possible obstructions both internally and externally. An RV emergency exit is required by vehicle regulations to be regularly inspected for proper function and any worn-out or broken RV emergency exit parts must be replaced immediately with the correct parts for vehicle safety and to avoid possible legal liabilities. Prompt replacement of RV emergency exit parts can add peace-of-mind in knowing that all RV emergency exits are fully functional and ready for emergencies.

RV emergency exits come with open or hidden window hinges and sliding window guides for a clean and uncluttered look inside and outside the recreational vehicle. They come with durable synthetic rubber seals to fully prevent dust and moisture from entering the vehicle and to protect the emergency exit windows from possible damage and loosening from road vibrations. And all RV emergency exits come with durable high-impact plastic or metal frames that can fully support heavier modern glass types and their locking mechanisms.

All RV emergency exits must be located above or beside the sleeping and the living areas of an RV to allow the occupants an immediate avenue of escape in case the RV doors are blocked by fire or thick smoke. Recreational vehicle owners should consider larger than standard RV emergency exits for a rapid exit from the vehicle in case of an RV fire or accident. Immediate replacement or repairs must be done if the RV emergency exit has cracks, or is worn-out or loose on its mountings. RV emergency exits are known to fall off from vehicles or have their opening latches get stuck in a locked position so it is important for RV operators to inspect all their RV emergency exits regularly or before any planned travel is to be done. A damaged or worn-out RV emergency exit needs to be repaired or replaced immediately on any recreational vehicle that comes equipped with a fully-functional kitchen or any heated appliance.

Recreational vehicles are explicitly required by regulations to have RV emergency exits installed. Since RV fires can progress very rapidly due to the enclosed confines on an RV and the materials that can be found inside, a minimum of two emergency exits is typically required on all recreational vehicles before they are legally allowed to travel and all RV emergency exits are legally required to be regularly inspected for proper operation.

RV emergency exits are devised and intended to hinge open outwards from an RV so the location around emergency exit must not be blocked by RV accessories or near any possible external obstructions. RV emergency exit have quick-release latches or tabs that are marked with high-contrast, bright colors, some latches also come with high visibility easy-pull tabs for quick operation of the emergency exit during emergencies.

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