Hitch Ball Mount

Hitch Ball Mount

It is necessary to invest in the most secure and safest tools to get the job of towing what you need whenever and wherever. A hitch ball mount is one sure item to have that can help you haul your items properly. This is useful in eliminating the risk of harm to those around you or yourself. Even the risk of damaging valuables is also best eliminated. The good thing is that there is an unmatched selection of hitch ball mounts coming from accessory brands. They are also available in a different range of drops and shaft lengths. You will find the right choice for the model and make of your vehicle including your specific needs.

Guide to Buying The Right One

When towing with a vehicle, there is a need to provide a hitch ball mount. This is also called as a ball mount or a trailer ball mount. It is just that it is not as simple as choosing one that looks nice. There are so many considerations to prioritize when buying it for your towing vehicle. Just remember that hitch ball mounts differ in terms of weight capacity, type, size, features, price, vehicle compatibility, and many more.

Be careful in assessing and researching the different types of hitch ball mounts. If you are not familiar with hitch ball mounts, you will for sure be guided to learn more about them. You will know what they are for and you will buy what you exactly need.

Towing System and Capacity Requirements

Make use of the right mount class for the towing system. The maximum weight capacity of the system will be rated based on the minimum rated item in the system. The diameter of the hitch ball should be the same as the trailer coupler. Even the hole diameter and the shank diameter of the hitch ball be made the same. The shank should as well be long enough to best accommodate 2 threads for visibility. This is when the nut is secured and the hitch ball is connected.

Type of Vehicle

There is already a specification for the hitch ball mount intended for vehicles. It is up to you to check the type of vehicle that works with a ball mount. Check with the manufacturer’s manual or the online website.

Load Size

The size and type of load that you will carry will determine the strength and type of hitch ball mount. This is what you will choose to carry the load securely and safely.

Trailer Height

The trailer’s height makes a big difference between fatality and safety. Measure the hitch and the trailer to avoid any accidents involving an unstable trailer load. This is the only way that the vehicle and the trailer will work together for a safe and secure towing.


Your budget will be the ultimate factor to consider. The cost of the hitch ball mounts ranges between 20 dollars and 100 dollars or even more. The cushioned ball mount is somehow more expensive. This is due to the reason that it uses specific internal components that add to the technology and manufacturing costs.

Importance of a Hitch Ball Mount

Investing in the safest towing solution is necessary. That ultimately includes having a hitch ball mount. This will permit you the versatility of carrying and connecting a wide range of vehicles, trailers, and much more gear for work or for traveling. The hitch ball mount is designed to withstand heavy loads while maintaining the durability and design for long periods.

Another benefit of a hitch ball mount is that it is compatible with various types and sizes of trailer towing systems. You will be able to use a single ball mount for different vehicles. You won’t need to buy a specific one for each. Thus, you won’t worry about causing road accidents due to improper towing while you are using your vehicle.

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