Online Shopping: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Truck

Online Shopping: Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Truck

There are many obvious ways to upgrade your truck, whether it’s finding the right hitch to make towing easier, installing caps or lids on your truck to keep the bed dry, or even adding a toolbox in the bed of the truck for what you need. However, this article will cover the not-so-obvious yet easy ways to upgrade your truck because sometimes the small details matter the most.

Rain Guards and Bug Shields

Imagine driving along the road with your windows either part of the way or all the way down. Then it starts raining, and you can either roll up your window or get your clothes and seat wet. A rain guard deflects the rain and snow, wind, hail, and sleet and allows you to stay dry with your window down. Unless it’s coming into the truck at a direct angle, then it’s time to roll up the window.

Or you have the option of a bug shield, which is something similar. We’re all familiar with bug splattering against the windshield to the point that we need to either stop at one point and clean the windshield or use a combination of windshield wiper fluid and our windshield wipers to increase visibility. Bug shields work as they alter the aerodynamics of your vehicle so any bugs or small rocks coming toward your windshield has a far greater chance of going over your vehicle instead.

Nerf Bars Or Running Boards

Ah, the woes of getting into a higher vehicle, or even a non-lifted vehicle as a short person. Nerf bars provide a stable location to place your foot when accessing the truck roof or bed and protect your truck from damage. Since nerf bars stick out a little further than your truck’s body, they provide some protection from damage and scratches. For example, if there was a rogue shopping cart headed for your vehicle, it would impact the nerf bar instead of your truck body.

Running boards provide a wider stepping surface than nerf bars and act as a doormat to help keep your vehicle’s interior clean by allowing you to wipe your feet before getting inside. Another advantage of running boards is that they block debris such as nails and rocks that can damage your vehicle.

Mud Flaps and Floor Mats

You’re probably wondering how mud flaps and floor mats could be a truck upgrade, especially since many people find floor mats to be a nuisance in the vehicle, and installing new mud flaps is time-consuming. Our line of WeatherTech mud flaps uses lasers to create custom-made mud flaps; you don’t even have to remove your wheels or tires to install them. As for our line of WeatherTech floor mats, they have anti-skid ridges that keep the mat in place, so you don’t have to fight with them while you’re driving. Not only that but they’re engineered to prevent curling and cracking!

If you’re looking for easy ways to upgrade your truck, it’s often the smaller details that alleviate frustration and help your truck looks its best. Contact us today if you’re ready to upgrade your truck with Trick Trucks.