In Just 15 Minutes, Winterize Your RV

In Just 15 Minutes, Winterize Your RV

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The winter has arrived and our RVs are ready to go for storage till the next camping season. Seasoned RVer’s do realize the importance of properly winterizing the RV before parking it for a long time. 

Why Winterize Your RV?

There are several reasons you should do this. Such as

  • Avoid the heavy repair or replacement cost because if you haven’t winterized your vehicle properly, the water in the lines and tanks may freeze and expand and this may lead to tearing your pipes, tanks, and other RV parts.
  • Minimizing the chances of molds and bugs, and parasites making their way to your rig.
  • Lessening the possibility of ruining the exterior and interior of your RV
  • Clean and clear RV without much need of maintenance whenever you plan to head toward your next camping trip.
  • Getting to know about any cracking or damages in the walls and ceiling during inspection for winterizing.

winterize your rv

Is RV Winterization Lengthy or Difficult?

RV Winterization is not cumbersome but some people find it quite a deal. With proper tools and equipment and with an in-depth understanding of your RV watering system, you can do it within 15-20 minutes. The process can be even more simple if you have a partner helping you out or you have watched a video of how to winterize your RV?

Steps to Winterize Your RV 

Here is how you can start the process and end it up very fast.

Before you start, make sure that you have cleaned up all the mess inside your RV, vacuum clean your RV if you can. The cleaner, the dryer you will leave it, less are the chances of unwanted odors, insects, or any build-ups while you will let it stand for a long time.

Make sure that you have emptied your refrigerators, fridges, and all the appliances with water such as your RV ice maker. 

Remove all the edibles from the inside. Leaving any edibles means you’ll allow cockroaches, ants, or even mice to come in.

Flush off your freshwater tanks. This is essential otherwise the water will freeze when the temperature falls.

Flush your grey water or black water holding tanks for the same reason. Many people also clean them with the wand or a piece of clothes and dry them out before storage 

Turn your RV water heater bypass to the on position. If you don’t have a water heater bypass kit already there, you can easily order one to make things simple and easy for you 

Turn off the water heater electrical switch and let all the water drain out

Open the low-point drain and ensure there is no water in there.

Open up all the faucets in your kitchen sink and bathroom. Let the water in pipes drain out completely.

Flush the toilet till the tank is empty of water.

Now you can use antifreeze, the pink liquid that can save your water lines by letting any water not freeze and damage your pipes. Many smart RVers purchase two to three gallons of this liquid and carry it all the time even when they do not expect cold weather or even when they are traveling. There are many who want to avoid antifreeze. They can also use compressed air for winterization instead of antifreeze 

Cover your RV with RV covers from outside but make sure that it is clean and washed from outside. You can also spray wax for protection. While doing this, you can always figure out there are no broken parts, ceilings, or cracks that need repair.

Make sure your batteries are fully charged

Inflate the tires and cover your RV tires. This is necessary to protect the tires from sun damage. 


If you are a couple you can divide the tasks and make the whole process even more simple. Make sure you buy antifreeze and RV cleaning products beforehand. These items are all available in Walmarts or at an RV parts shop.

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