Make An RV Shower Pan Replacement A Priority

Make An RV Shower Pan Replacement A Priority

You surely would love to spend time outdoors. But when it comes to your RV, you need to think of some essential RV shower parts being an essential component. They can enhance your entire camping experience. For instance, a hot shower will let you enjoy days of fishing, hiking, and outdoor adventures. Although you have other things to like about an RV that include kitchen appliances, running water, cozy and warm bed, still you feel different when you have shower that is working.

It feels lucky to have a shower on your RV. As you walk around the woods or the forests, it is good to have lugged all your towel, shower products, and clothes. And the shower should be up and running as possible.

RV Shower Pan as the Most Common

The shower pan is considered as the most common replacements along with the shower head. This can easily be replaced by even a mechanically-averse. If this malfunctions as included in the RV shower, it is right to have it fixed right away.

RV Shower Pan Needs to Be Replaced

RV shower pan is an essentially a floor of the shower. It is prone to developing holes and cracks that cause the shower to leak. As you see for a leak, get it repaired immediately. This will help avoid damage in the water to the RV.

Now if there is fibreglass made of shower pan, its good thing that cracks can easily be fixed. An epoxy resin type of repair kit is needed. This can be purchased in a hardware store. The kit is readable due to its simple instructions. The solution only needs to be mixed and be applied to the crack. It should be filled in its entirety before it is sanded down completely. When it is broken or is cracked completely, the entire pan now needs to be removed completely. It must be repaired right underneath so that it will be completely filled.

If the shower pan is made up of plastic material, it will have to be welded in this case. This might seem a difficult thing to do. This must not be handled the DIY approach. Seek repair from the experts for the repair or replacement to be done professionally.

Replace the shower pan if needed for convenience and versatility. It is made to complement with tiled walls and fibreglass shower surrounds. It fits well on the floor right through the shower. It functions the same as a tub that keeps the water off the floor. This pan is fairly shallow that is to be removed through the basic tools. This is when conditions will have to be met.

What is more about shower pan is that it can be removed. It can be installed in the shower base as it rises up to about 4-inches through the wall. It is also installed in the fibreglass wall showers and tile showers. The bottom part of the fibreglass wall will overlap the lip or the top edge of the shower pan. Remove it by taking off the surround walls that gives access through the shower pan. This will also fit right below the shower surround walls.

Keep this information in mind as part of the RV shower pan replacement as it is indeed a priority!

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