Prevent the Camper from Sliding With A Camper Tie Down

Prevent the Camper from Sliding With A Camper Tie Down

A camper tie down is an essential tool to prevent the camper from finally sliding against the truck bed. This is also while you go traveling from one destination to another destination. This is also the same as disconnecting from the vehicle and eventually ending up on the highway. Good thing, there are many types of tie-downs available today.

Push-Up Tie Down

There also is one type of camper tie down that can go pushing up or pushing down the locking apparatus. This thereby secures and releases the tie-down. The position will lock firmly into a position with just a lick. This will also then fits full-size applications with bed pocket holes right through them. Most of these camper tie-downs utilize rubber systems that are expanded when locked in one place. This now allows maximum hold. The kits would often have a minimum strength of 1,000 lbs.

4-Point System

The 4-point system is one facet of the camper tie-downs that can be tied to the camper down. This will often have no crossbar or belly offering a tight grip. This is also as it is attached to the camper from all sides. The tie-down is also a perfect fit for all campers or trucks. This way, it can be universally be adjusted. Other companies also offer this tie-down system making it effective and cheap. Just do the checking and comparison of the prices as you buy the tie-down system.

Belly Bar Tie Down

The belly bar tie-down is used by bigger RV’s and campers. This can provide more strength over such a bigger area. This is also, heavy-duty, as compared to sleeker forms of tie-down systems. This is also attached to the below part of the carriage frame of the truck. This will secure the camper also with the use of string clamps and heavy-wall tubing. Thus, the belly bar is secured to the truck. It’s when the receiver mount is attached to the receiver mount of the truck than the back bumper.

Indeed, a camper tie-down is the best option to consider when it comes to securing the truck camper. Especially as it comes with a patented design, it can incorporate tie-down points bolted directly to the truck frame. This will dramatically improve the handling and stability. This is also designed and engineered to secure the truck frame and keep t tight. That also is without any ground clearance. The applications would often have no-drill. The camper tie-down will be guaranteed to eliminate bumper and bed damage. This is great as it comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

The best thing about the camper tie down is that it is designed to complement the specific model and make of a vehicle. It also is consisted of 2 parts that include a removable insert and a tie-down bracket. The latter is held just in a place with a clip and pin. That way, it could be removed and installed easily. This means to say that it won’t compromise the ground clearance. There is just a need to insert it when you won’t be hauling the camper. As when the insert has been removed, the bracket or the receiver will stay tucked away. It will then go out of sight right below the truck.

Now, you have learned more about the camper tie down!

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