Providing Virtually Flawless Hookup and Disconnect

Overtime, throughout the RV industry products and people’s skills and business in general continue to change at demco tow bar accessories is no different to strive in bringing new ideas on demco tow bar accessories products and designs to the RV market place. The demco tow bar accessories will revolutionize the RV lifestyle and experience like the commander, excalibar II, and the dominator are all self-supporting, self-aligning and self-leveling. Each demco tow bar accessories arm moves independent of each other in the RV industry. Hooking up and disconnecting a tow vehicle from a motor home has never been so easy to all three tow bars incorporate providing virtually flawless hookup and disconnect. The non-binding system performs extremely well under the harshest of conditions because the commander. excalibar II and the dominator demco tow bar accessories are the name to know when you tow. With 6000lbs. of towing capacity of commander incorporates steel components into its modular design of demco tow bar accessories by utilizing some of the same design features as the dominator tow bar to their strength and durability stand out.

The RV mounted demco tow bar accessories commander weighs 41Lbs. by incorporating most of the same design features throughout the demco tow bar accessories and the commander also permits stowing in multiple positions. The demco tow bar accessories of dominator incorporates steel and aluminum components into its modular design to provide heavy-duty stress components and no welds on the main portion of the tow bar to dominator has created a stronger and more durable system. The finished product of Dominator has a cleaner look and design that allows for the easy replacement of parts if needed. With highest towing capacity of excalibar has earned a reputation in the RV industry for its strength, durability and assurance has always been set apart from the competition. This is no different for the excalibar II when using with the appropriate weight rated receiver hitch, the excalibar II has the highest towing capacity of any steel demco tow bar accessories on the market at 10,500Lbs. It utilizes modular steel construction throughout incorporating the demco tow bar accessories design elements. The economical kwik tow features 5000Lbs of towing capacity with limited lifetime warranty. Economical kwik tow features 5000Lbs of towing capacity of demco tow bar accessories adjustable arms from 20” to 36.5”, fits on a 2” ball and includes safety cables.

The sentry demco tow bar accessories deflector is constructed of resilient with high density polyethylene. The sentry deflector is constructed of resilient with high density polyethylene and is attached to the connecting ears of the demco tow bar accessories. Demco tow bar accessories has the complete package when it comes to demco tow bar accessories then look no further to its towing combo kits with 7 to 6-way. Diode kit has a 4 pack heat sealed diodes that are designed to connect your motorhomes running lights. The wiring kits has heat-sealed diodes to connect your motorhome’s running lights, turn signals and brake lights to your towed vehicle. Light bars are attached to towed vehicle with suction cups and straps with light angle adjustment is standard with 30’ wiring harness.

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