Reasons for Buying the Adco Truck Camper Covers

Reasons for Buying the Adco Truck Camper Covers

You may have owned a truck camper for three or four years now. It is just that it is not having the needed cover that will protect it against harmful elements. Certain things as bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, tree sap, and dirt can harm its finishing. That also is the same when it comes to the rig’s aesthetics. It also includes the decals and the paint that are affected by these elements.

The good thing is that the Adco truck camper covers seem beneficial in the sense that they bring long-term protection. They are also made to be more affordable as an option as compared to a permanent structure. Just search for the different options. Decide to choose for a cover under the Adco, a trusted company in the industry.

Ready-Made and Universal

ADCO is a company dedicated in making covers for different types of truck campers. That is when you could buy from them a universal and ready-made cover for your truck camper. Protect your truck all you want especially as the covers come with a 5-year warranty. They also are known to last longer. What is more is that they can last for seven to about ten years in the colder climates. In the sunny climates, they can as well last for seven years. Plan to keep your rig for 7 years or more through the help of these covers.

Easy Ordering

Ordering Adco truck camper covers is just so relatively easy. You only need to call the company right from their website. Contact them at their official telephone number. They will then send you a form to be filled out following the measurements of the rig. In measuring the rig, follow some precautionary measures that will include the rear and front bumpers of the rig, the jacks, and the tie-downs, too.

Moreover, think about the things as the vent covers, and top air conditioners of the roof for additional height. It will take Adco four weeks before finally making a customized truck camper cover. The covers customized are often transported in a huge size of box. They are also wrapped in such a protective material of plastic. The ordered cover will come with a large bag that carries and stores it when not used.

Come in Different Colors

The Adco truck camper covers can come in different colors as tan, gray, and white. It will as well rely much on the fabric type. There are also two choices of fabric to choose for the covers. You may opt for one that is made from high-quality and durable fabric manufactured from a woven acrylic. It is also resistant to cracking due to colds and resistant to fade as well. It is an ideal choice to consider if you want your truck camper to last for years.

Ease of Installation

Install the Adco truck camper covers as it is just so relatively easy. You will, of course, need your hands to do it. You will also need to reach the roof so that you could install it. Prepare the cover before you install it. Fold both sides of the cover. Center the cover and set it in place. Unfold the two sides of the cover and drape over the sides.

Even if there may seem some issues to encounter in installing the Adco truck camper covers, they are still a viable option to ever consider!

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