Take a Dip: An Overview of RV Bathtub Styles and Sizes

Take a Dip: An Overview of RV Bathtub Styles and Sizes


Owning an RV bathtub provides numerous benefits. Not only do they provide a comfortable place to bathe and relax, but they are also convenient, as many models can be installed directly into the walls or floor of your RV. Additionally, there is no need for plumbing installation – simply hook up the water source and you’re good to go! Bathtubs come in a variety of styles and sizes, so it’s important to consider all options when selecting one for your RV. Traditional two-piece units feature separate tubs and showers that slide together during installation; drop-in units fit inside existing frames; corner bathtubs are great space savers; shower/tub combination pieces offer both bathing and showering capabilities; cylinder designs offer short or long lengths for different applications; alcove tubs fit against three walls providing easy access from all sides; jetted baths provide greater comfort with added massage jets and circulating air bubbles; free standing models have adjustable legs allowing them to stand on almost any surface. With so many variations available, it’s easy to find the perfect match for your needs!

Traditional RV Bathtubs

One of the most popular and widely available types of RV bathtub is the two-piece model. These consist of a shower piece that slides into a tub, making installation easy and straightforward. Many models have features such as adjustable height levels, built-in shelves for convenience, and even integrated jets to provide extra relaxation while bathing. The shower portion can be used alone or with the tub included in order to create an all-in-one complete bathing experience.

Drop-in RV bathtubs offer similar benefits with their ease of installation but without having separate components like the two-piece units do. This type fits directly into an existing frame so there is no need for any additional construction work prior to use (other than connecting water sources). As one might expect from this style, it also provides much more space within your bathroom due to its low profile design which makes it ideal for smaller bathrooms or tight spaces where traditional full size baths may not fit properly. Additionally, many drop in models are made with high quality materials that are designed to withstand years of wear and tear – another great benefit!

Shower/Tub Combinations

Shower/tub combinations are a great option for RV owners who want the convenience of both a shower and bathtub in one unit. These units can be customised to fit into any space, allowing you to create exactly the look you desire. The best designs will feature watertight seams, ensuring that no moisture escapes from your bathroom during use. Many models also provide adjustable jet systems for added comfort and relaxation while bathing. Additionally, some shower/tub combinations come with built-in shelves or other storage options so that you can keep all your bath essentials close at hand without taking up valuable floor space.

Fabricated RV bathtubs are another great choice for those looking to add a touch of luxury to their motorhome experience. These tubs are made out of durable materials such as fibreglass or acrylic which make them lightweight yet strong enough to handle frequent use over time without showing signs of wear and tear easily. They come in an array of shapes and sizes so they can be tailored specifically according to your needs and preferences – whether it’s an oval shape with jets on the side or a more traditional rectangular design with deeper soaking capabilities, there is something out there for everyone! Not only do these tubs offer superior levels of comfort but they also require minimal installation effort since most models simply need to be secured into place by screws or bolts rather than requiring plumbing work like many other types would necessitate.

Corner RV Bathtub

Corner RV bathtubs provide the perfect solution for those looking to maximize space in their bathroom. These units are designed to fit snugly in a corner, taking up minimal room but providing plenty of comfort and relaxation. Many models offer adjustable height levels so that you can find the perfect level for your body type, as well as built-in shelves or other storage solutions that allow you to keep all your bathing essentials within easy reach. Additionally, corner RV bathtubs come with different types of jets, allowing you to customize your experience accordingly – whether it’s a massage jet system or simply an integrated bubble bath feature.

Free-standing RV bathtubs are great options when additional space is not available due to size restrictions or design limitations in your motorhome. These tubs stand on adjustable legs and can be placed directly onto any surface without requiring significant installation effort beforehand – making them ideal for temporary use during camping trips where plumbing isn’t accessible! They also come with a variety of features such as deep soaking capabilities, built-in grab rails for added stability while entering/exiting the tub and even air circulation systems which help keep water warm longer than traditional baths would typically do so. Free standing models are also typically lightweight in comparison to other types making them much easier to move around if needed!

Cyclinder RV Bathtub

Cylinder RV bathtubs come in short and long sizes depending on the space available in your motorhome. These models feature a cylindrical shape that is designed to fit into small spaces, making it perfect for those who want to conserve as much room as possible. Some versions come with a pedestal base which provides additional support while also elevating the tub slightly off of the ground. Additionally, some cylinder bathtubs offer adjustable jets so that you can customize your bathing experience accordingly – whether it’s simply massaging away any aches and pains or creating an invigorating bubble bath! They are typically made out of durable materials such as acrylic or fibreglass which make them lightweight yet strong enough to withstand years of use without showing signs of wear and tear easily.

For those looking for even more convenience, alcove RV bathtubs provide easy access from all sides due to their square design allowing them to be placed against three walls. This makes entering and exiting the tub much simpler compared to other types – especially when dealing with tight spaces within an RV bathroom! Many alcove models have adjustable jets so that you can create exactly the kind of massage experience you desire during each soak, as well as built-in shelves for storing all your essential products near at hand without taking up valuable floor space. Additionally, some designs come with deep soaking capabilities providing ultimate comfort while relaxing after a long day on the road!

Modern RV Bathtub

Cascading RV bathtubs are a unique and luxurious option for those looking to add an extra touch of elegance and comfort to their motorhome experience. These tubs feature built-in jets that cascade over your body, providing you with an invigorating massage while still allowing you to enjoy the soothing effects of a traditional soaking bath! Many models also come with adjustable heights so that you can find the perfect level for your body type as well as integrated shelves or other storage solutions which keep all your essential items close at hand without taking up valuable floor space. Additionally, cascading RV bathtubs come in various shapes and sizes – from square designs ideal for small spaces to larger round versions tailored towards more spacious bathrooms – making them great options regardless of what size bathroom you have.


When it comes to choosing an RV bathtub, there’s no one size fits all solution. Each type offers its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the individual needs of the motorhome owner. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight and portable option such as a free-standing or cylinder model, a more luxurious cascading design with adjustable jets, or simply want something that is easy to access from all sides – alcove bathtubs are perfect for tight spaces – there is sure to be an RV bathtub out there that will fit both your budget and lifestyle! Additionally, investing in regular maintenance as well as troubleshooting any problems promptly can help ensure that your tub stays in top condition for many years to come allowing you to make the most out of every bathing experience while on the road!

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