The Option that Gives an Exact Fit for Vehicle

The Option that Gives an Exact Fit for Vehicle

The ball mount understands that there are countless lifestyles in the world of towing and each person has a different set of interests and needs, ball mount offers a wide variety of options giving you the exact fit for your vehicle, trailer and RV’s. Many of the ball mount are computer numerical control formed and robotically welded right in the utmost accuracy and cleanest weld lines possible. After construction of ball mount, they undergo a mechanical descaling process that creates a flawless surface for the application of highly durable coating and powder coat finish. These two coats cure together to form a protective surface for the ball mount that is superior in rust, chip and ultraviolet protection. Selecting a ball mount for your vehicle and trailer setup should consider three things: shank size, weight capacity and dropping or rising because the shank size of the ball mount must match the recipient cylinder size of your trailer hitch. There are four standard sizes of receiver tubes if the shank and receiver tube do not match, a receiver tube adapter will be needed.

Once the shank size is determined it must consider the weight capacity of the vehicle as determined by the manufacturer, as well as the gross weight of the trailer you’ll be towing. The ball mount you select should meet or surpass the weight appraisals of your vehicle and trailer hitch so it doesn’t restrict your general towing limit. It is additionally indispensable that the heaviness of your trailer does not surpass the rating of the ball mount. It is essential to decide the amount of drop or rise your trailer requires. Drop or rise is the amount of height difference between the trailer and your tow vehicle, whether that difference is positive which is rising or negative for dropping. A quick explanation on how to determine the needed drop or rise will take the distance from the ground to the top of the inside of your receiver tube opening and subtract it from the distance from the ground to the bottom of the trailer couple. Considering weight limit and the measure of drop or rise decided, the main thing left to do is pick a trailer ball.

Many of ball mount options come with a trailer ball which is already attached such as European mounts with loaded ball mount and fusion ball mount but some will require to purchase the correct trailer ball to complement your ball mount and meet the towing needs. Remember, when selecting a trailer ball, choose one with a shank that will fit your ball mount and if a trailer ball shank is too small, they also carry various reducer bushings that can oblige littler trailer balls. An elective ball hitch choice is a multi-ball mount. As the multi-ball mount has multiple trailer balls on one shank, each with a different diameter. This allows to easily switch between ball sizes without requiring to purchase multiple ball mounts and the guidelines of shank size, weight capacity and drop or rise will apply to multi-ball mount.

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