Things to Know About RV Toilets

Things to Know About RV Toilets

RV toilets are an essential subject among RV campers. They may seem a potentially smelly and unnecessary amenity, but they are still a significant feature to enjoying life on the road. They are needed for those who want to travel, camp, and live inside the RV.

Do not think like you will not need RV toilets. They bring about additional comfort and convenience. When you have got them, they best eliminate logistical challenges. There is no need to depend on looking for toilets or for using wag bags. They are also ideal to use among older travelers who could not squat in the woods.

Anyone could get the comfort and convenience from having RV toilets installed in their wheels. That homey feeling is also achieved with a home while on the road.

When you choose an RV toilet, you will need to think about the available space, throne height, needed maintenance, and cost. You also will have to consider the physical needs and the location of camping.

If the toilet has its black water tank, think about the availability and cost of the dumping locations. Other campgrounds would often highlight a charge of dump point fee. Since they are not available to find anywhere, you, therefore, need to plan ahead of time.

The best toilet for you will include the four different types below.

Cassette Toilet

This portable toilet can be fixed in a specific place. There is a cassette or black water tank to be removed via an access panel. It can be pre-installed, too due to the access panel. As per the tank, it is small in its size that holds up about 4.5 to about 5 gallons. This means to say that it can be emptied frequently. The advantage it can offer is convenience in tight spaces.

Traditional Toilet

This traditional toilet is the same as the plastic or porcelain one in a conventional home. This is installed right above the holding tank. This is the same as the regular toilet. This just normally requires water for it to function well.

As you flush it by an electric flush or foot pump, the bowl content will continue into the sealed black water tank. This can easily be replaced while the tank empties through the hose that means to say less handling.

Portable Toilet

Avoid plumbing by using a portable toilet. This can be easy for you to install as it does not need to be fixed in one spot. This is by far the cheapest option to find in the rest of the toilet world. This also comes with a detachable form of holding tank. This is emptied in a dump station or a normal toilet. This is also the cheapest option as it is completely portable.

Composting Toilet

This is an earth-friendly option to decrease the camping footprint. This does not use water that makes it handy for boondocking and cold weather. There might as well be a problem with the smell. It is also sealed well enough that avoids wafting odors.

Choose from any of these types of RV toilets mentioned above!

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