Things to Look Out For When Having a Regular Toilet in an RV

Things to Look Out For When Having a Regular Toilet in an RV

Home, Sweet, Home is the feeling everyone dreams of having when they walk inside their RV outfitted to all of their needs. Which draws in regular toilets where you aren’t looking for a pit stop or feeling like you are using an outhouse every time you need it. But a good old regular toilet can turn out to be quite inconvenient when living life on the road. Regular toilets are not designed to be placed into RVs. Something like an RV Toilet, or Portable Camping Toilet might be better suited to an RV. If you need to use a regular toilet in your RV, we are going to talk about some things you will want to pay attention to when it is being used.


Alright, I know you’re thinking that you know how to install the toilet because it is easy but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful and pay attention. They are quite easy to be installed in the RV you just want to be mindful when installing the toilet’s size and height. Another thing you want to make sure you do is to attach it correctly to your black box water drain. 

Once your regular toilet is installed you just want to make it road bump-safe and remove some of the water from the bowl. This is commonly found in Cassette RV Toilets, they often contain a smaller amount of water to catch the waste alike Macerator RV Toilets which shred and compartmentalize waste. Overall, though with a few minor tweaks installing a normal toilet is super easy to do in your RV!

Keeping it Hygienic

It’s all nice and dandy to have your dream washroom within your RV but a key part to keeping that experience enjoyable is maintaining and properly disposing of waste. Since you are in a smaller space depending on the size of your tank you will either empty and fill it more often or not. Having a toilet and keeping it in a hygienic state is more of a hands-on task when you have an RV toilet. Obviously, on top of making sure water stays in the bowl, as well as maintaining a good tank connection and preventing odours, and disposing of waste you want to make sure you have Toilet Brushes and other tools for general cleaning. 

Travel in Comfort and Style

The biggest perk about placing a regular toilet is that you can escape the feeling of your RV being run down. As said above RV living can be an exquisite and beautiful lifestyle if the proper care is placed into it. That proper care and detail are even relevant down at the washroom level. A regular toilet may be more pleasing than looking at or using a Gravity Flush Toilet or Composting RV Toilet. It might just set the mood right for what you are looking to attain within your RV lifestyle. 

Now not only do they provide the chance to upgrade the style of your RV they also up the user-friendliness and comfort of the experience. By adding a regular toilet you are making the experience more intimate and homely than an RV might feel. This will allow people to associate better with the RV being home. It also just offers that homely comfort rather than it feeling like you are using a porta-potty. Also, regular toilets might be more comfortable for the user compared to other options out for sale. 

As long as you feel comfortable adding it, a regular toilet can be a feature that helps you feel luxurious. Don’t fear it and embrace it!

Reputable Sellers

The best reputable sellers of these regular toilets in RVs are Dometic Toilets and Thetford Toilets. These manufacturers are well known for their quality and recommendations within the RVing community. You are sure to love what you purchase when you buy it through these retailers. These manufacturers also fashion RV toilets which are more specifically catered.

Alternatively, you could always try your luck with google searches “rv toilets for sale near me”, “regular toilets for sale”, “rv toilets Canada” and more. While these aren’t always creditable, they might lead you to a cheaper deal or better deal in the long run. 

What are my other options?

Maybe this article hasn’t made you swoon just yet that a regular toilet can be just as effective in an RV and that’s alright. There are many different options out there that we are going to briefly introduce where you know your other options. 

Some good other options out there have been mentioned throughout the article like portable camping toilets, composting RV toilets and more. Deep down when deciding what toilet to place in your RV it comes down to personal preference. As long as whatever you have chosen is safe and properly installed there should be no issues with whatever you choose. Just know the pros and cons of each which retailers can help you understand. 


While you probably went into this article thinking there’s no way there are rules to placing something as simple as a toilet in an RV. I hope you walk out with an appreciation for all of the decision-making that goes into choosing a regular toilet for an RV washroom. We also hope you know that it is super easy and possible to house a regular toilet in an RV with a few minor tricks which help with drainage and cleanliness. 

We have also gone over how you should go about properly installing the toilet, cleaning needs and where to buy it reputably. We also addressed those with some worries who might prefer other kinds of toilets when creating their RV washroom.

While this was a lot of information to take in at once, we hope you can use this as a reference and guide for when you are shopping for toilets. We also hope you decide what is best for your dream RV!

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