Tips When Using RV Fridge Right After Buying It

Tips When Using RV Fridge Right After Buying It

As an RVer, you would want an RV fridge that can keep the cold stuff staying cold throughout your journey. The good thing is that there are choices of RV fridge in store for you. It is now up to you to choose which one suits your preference.

But after the purchase of the RV fridge, you need to learn a few things to keep it working in the coming years. This is also even before you set out on adventures. Understand that fridges vary by brand. That means that they need to be used in different ways possible.

Below are the top tips to consider when using the RV fridge.

Give It Time to Cool Down

You need to give the fridge some time to cool down. This must be done before finally heading out. Other fridges stay cold when used in just a few hours. While other selections of fridges demand twenty-four-hour cooling time. This is specifically true if it is hot outside.

That is when you need to turn the fridge on full during the day before heading out on a camping trip. Put some water bottles inside to cool it down fast. Make use of a thermometer to know if it is cool enough. It should fall down to forty-degree Fahrenheit when you use it.

Do not Overpack

The appliance must be given a chance to circulate cool air freely. This will help keep the food cold. It is just that since RV fridges come in small size, some RV owners over pack them. This now creates no room for circulation. Keep the food for camping from spoiling. Avoid this one single mistake. Better to choose foods which you can store in the pantry. Reserve a space for cold foods that you would want as always.

Defrost It

The fins can be found in the back of the fridge that can get coated in ice. The ice can melt away but it still is prone to building up. If this happens, it can no longer keep the food cold. That is when you must defrost the fridge’s fins. You could do so using a hairdryer. Just put something right below the fins that will catch the water.

Leveled It

Keep the RV fridge leveled so that it works well for you. This will keep it running the efficient way possible. This will avoid it from getting damaged which you would not want in the first place. Pack the leveling blocks followed by parking the RV only on flat surfaces.

Limit the Time It Is Open

Just know that browsing the content of the RV fridge only wastes energy. Limit the time that the fridge’s doors are open. Think about exactly what you will get. Always keep the fridge organized so that you get the stuff inside easily.

Restock or Load With Cold Products

When you buy beer and soda, get only those that can be found from the coolers. This will avoid it from straining thereby reducing the warm temperatures of the liquid. The cold beverages stocked will also help maintain the desired temperature of the fridge. Keep these tips mentioned in mind as you decide to buy an RV fridge!

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