Use Bulldog Hitch Collar Lock for the Protection Against Theft of your Trailer

Use Bulldog Hitch Collar Lock for the Protection Against Theft of your Trailer

The Bulldog hitch collar lock is a secure locking device that is used for Bulldog-style trailer. This is functional in the sense that it secures the trailer while detached from or attached to a vehicle. This is often made of heavy-duty or stainless steel material. And this comes as a hardened steel hinge pin. The best thing about it is that it works with many varieties of padlocks.

It can be so true having this lock as efficient in locking your Bulldog. This is also known to work on the RAM couplers that appear on the many new trailers. This is as well recommended to be used on all available coupler latch styles. You will find it, as mentioned, constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. This can also work well with different padlocks. It is just good for you to find a model that is improved and new and that fits all two-inch and two and five-sixteenths inch couplers.

To understand Bulldog hitch collar lock, it comes as a personal preference. This is cruder and more rugged in its design with the larger moving parts that make it not likely to freeze up. It is also when you will like the bulldog hitch collar lock set up a lot better. It is easier for you to operate and it is less likely to have its latching difficulties.

Disk Padlock Featured

Luckily, you will find a bulldog hitch collar lock that comes with disk padlock. This can best protect against unauthorized use and trailer theft. The material it is made of like the stainless steel material can resist grinding, cutting, and many more. This will leave you realizing more of Bulldog hitch collar lock as the most secure product to buy on the market. This is understandably high-quality that thieves won’t steal them right off the back of a vehicle.

Just as it adds an extra layer of protection, it can best fit well on your trailer or RV. It could still be painted with silver or any color you want that reduces corrosion. You won’t get worried as it can fit all Bulldog hitches.

24-Hr Protection Promised

The Bulldog Hitch Collar Lock is indeed a high-quality product that is designed to avoid theft against the trailer. As mentioned, this is detached from or attached to the towing vehicle. It will never get lost because it can be kept on the trailer. It usually weighs 1 ½ lbs. and it is trusted not to rust.

The curved design it has can resist physical damage that includes sawing or hammering. The collar will work with many different padlocks. This allows an owner to key lock alike. What more, it is designed to fit all of the sliding Bulldog bumper-pull couplers. It is truly made to best serve its purpose.

So, what else are you waiting for? Feel free to buy this one for its nice appearance and less wobble. It is a one-time investment that can help with your peace of mind!

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